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Ninja is ‘tall’ enough to wear the bigger bowtie now!

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YAY! A souvenir tee from Bali!

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Ginger in a kimono!

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I must.get. my hands on this outfit for Ninja. 


Corgi dressed up as Maneki Neko — you can’t get luckier than that. 

(but just in case you can — rub those corgi bellies!!)

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Ninja did not like his pink elephant suit at all and trampled on it once it was off him.

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Spidercorgi in da hood yo.

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Squished face that made us LOL non stop

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Why, hello! :D

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My best friend underestimated the speed of Ninja’s growth and got him an outfit that’s wayy too small. Lol.

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Cookie. NOW.

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