All guilty after tearing up my money! 

  04:26 am, by ninjacorgi 6

Uh.. Some help here?

  04:23 am, by ninjacorgi 6

Wind in my FURRRR.

  10:22 pm, by ninjacorgi 13


  09:06 am, by ninjacorgi 136

Legless corgi torpedoes!

  10:00 pm, by ninjacorgi 18

Ultimate Derpy Ears!

  01:48 pm, by ninjacorgi 15

Okay coming over!

  01:49 pm, by ninjacorgi 11

Ohai, are you taking a shot of me?

  01:41 pm, by ninjacorgi 10

I wish you would share more about Ninja! Like what he likes, what tricks he knows, how is he like with other dogs etc. Videos!

Hello! Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely work on that ^.^

01:36 pm, question from Anonymous, answered by ninjacorgi

What is your dog mixed with? It can't be a Pembroke if it has a tail.

Hi there! He is a pure bred Pembroke, Some Pembrokes do come w tails that get docked at a young age, but we decided to keep his glorious wagging tail!

01:35 pm, question from Anonymous, answered by ninjacorgi 1

How awkward, Ninja.

  10:37 am, by ninjacorgi 16

Corgi Eyes!

  10:12 pm, by ninjacorgi 29